Kiss and awkward hug hello

If you knew me (which I know you don’t because I haven’t even introduced myself yet), you would know I’m terrible at greetings. I never know if I should go in for the hug, a kiss on the cheek or do I just nod and say hello. Generally my default is the friendlier the better so a kiss and slightly awkward hug is what I’ll do to introduce myself to you today.

My name ‘s Candy, I just turned 30 (blah blah), I say I work across a whole lot of things but the thing I actually get paid to do each day is talk on the radio. I’ve moved to regional Victoria for work. I’m single, so I can’t really talk about babies or families or husbands. I have the most brilliant friends all over the place and the most wonderful immediate family who I love to bits. I don’t have any pets or plants because I sadly kill them (def no babies here anytime soon). And I clearly like to write with a lot of (brackets), take it as a compliment because it’s usually my inner thoughts, or just a loser side comment I feel deserves to be said.


It’s nice to meet you! (Which I know is something we’re programmed to say, but I truly do mean it.)

Kiss and slightly awkward hug,

Candy xx

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