Talking your ear off

You know when you haven’t caught up with an old friend in aaaaages (which for some friends could be just a few weeks) and you don’t know where to even start the conversation. I know when it’s been a few weeks since I’ve caught up with one of my best friends Sarah we spend about 2 hours telling each other at least 10 different stories at the same time. We never actually tell one full story, say The End (roll the credits), and then move onto the next one…we just keep overlapping stories and then coming back to them and there is no way anyone listening would think we are even talking English at the pace we talk and the way we construct our sentences. And then finally, once we have that out of our system we can start talking normally. That was an incredible long-winded way to say that I have a lot to catch you up on (see my sentences are already not making sense, this is good!).


I’ve just returned from 3 weeks holidays, if you can call it that. I spent 2½ weeks in Sydney but I spent the first week ‘working’ (going to TV stations and trying to get as much exposure as I can) and then the second week being a normal person. I went out, partied at clubs and islands, dressed up, got drunk, had a pash n’ dash, sipped cocktails, skulled cocktails, ate amazing food, explored the city…basically the things you take for granted when you are living in a city. I live regionally so I never get to do those things anymore and it’s incredibly frustrating. So, instead of ‘holidaying’ by sitting in a hammock on the beach, I ‘lived’ a normal life and loved it csgo roulette 2021.


I also ended up with a holiday injection (of the fatty bumba kind) and I’m feeling a bit roley poley now. So, I’ve signed up for the Whole30 (clean eating program) and today is Day 0. Wish my bucket loads of carrots good luck.


Candy xx

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