Lolly Grief


Today was always going to be a crap day for my Whole30 Challenge simply based (completely irrationally) on numbers. Number 3 is not on my favourites list, in fact if we could get rid of 3 all together I would be more than chuffed, but what made today even tougher was what the Whole30 team call “Food Grief”. And I have a bad case of it.


My name’s Candy and I’m a lolly addict. I blame my name. And while I joke about it, it’s kind of not really funny the more you learn how bad sugar is for you. Every turn there’s a new “I’m Brilliant and Amazing Because I Learnt To Say No To Sugar!!” book and it makes me feel quite guilty, and rightfully so. The worst part is that I don’t discriminate, I love all lollies from milk bottles, to teeth, soft jubes, boiled lollies, lolly pops, sour bombs etc…so, quite naturally (mmmm natural confectionary) I’m grieving them. It started with a humble spearmint leaf craving…no one even likes those, and I haven’t eaten one in years but you don’t choose your cravings, they choose you and this one set in hard today. It moved to strawberries and cream and licorice snuck in as well. I managed to resist, but the grief set in hard and thick. I feel like I’ve abandoned my best friends. I know they deserve to be left behind, all the holes in my teeth and unhealthy habits but goodbye’s are always hard.


You’ll be pleased to hear that instead, I grabbed what I call “natures lollies”, a handful of cherries. Surprisingly, they did the trick!


I’m kindly now requesting that all lolly cravings go back to the sugary heaven they came from and leave me alone to do my Whole30 in sugar-free peace.




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