My (almost) Wolf Creek Experience


A few weeks ago I went on one of my #soloadventurs to the one and only ‘mountain’ (try-hard hump) in the regional market I live in. I was missing the magnificent Mount Wellington from my former home in Hobart and this hump was the closest I was getting, so off I went. My hump was just outside of a small town called Dookie. Now apparently I missed the memo about petrol stations being closed on Sundays in a small town, so of course, in Dookie, I ran out of petrol.


Lucky for me CARma was on my side and a lovely stranger by the name of John saw I was in a state of petrol distress and invited me back to his place for a petrol party. Equally lucky for me it came with free advice about how to climb Mount Major which no kidding was behind a padlocked gate that every person in town has a key to. In the event of a tourist like myself paying a visit apparently we’re unofficially invited to jump the fence. I should be thanking my lucky petrol stars because if I hadn’t met John I wouldn’t have known that fact (another missed memo) and would have probably seen the locked gate and just gone home. It wasn’t until I’d taken a happy snap of my petrol saviour and driven away with a smile on my dial that I realized why this moment felt so familiar, IT WAS THE PLOT OF WOLF CREEK! I let that sink in for a few moments, panicked and then got over it. You have to love a  #soloadventure. Thanks John!

I shared this story on my radio show 969 STAR FM Shepparton – have a listen.





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