Nobody wants pash-rash

Imagine this romantic Disney Scene… Sleeping Beauty has been asleep for centuries, she can only be woken by Prince Charming’s kiss. Said Prince walks in to save the day, bends down for a smooch, sleeping Beauty wakes up, the media scramble for the first pictures of her and what she ends up with is a front page of Women’s Day with PASH RASH. Guys while your beard may look too cool for school, it always leaves us with ugly red faces. Put it this way, would you have a frenchy with a piece of sandpaper? No it doesn’t matter how sexy it is or if there’s a hot model’s pic on there, argh forget the sandpaper analogy. Beards should just come with a sign hanging around your neck, ‘Look but don’t touch”.

There’s only one occasion I’m ok (read: not ok but put up with) beards and that of course is Movember. I did however come up with a creative way to solve my co-hosts beard ‘problem’ last year – introducing ‘Beardvertising’.

Beardvertising Part 1

Beardvertising Part 2

I can’t argue with the meme’s that do the rounds of how much sexier some guys look with stubble, but look and feel are two very different things. You may be thinking, what a coincidence we’re having this conversation just before Valentine’s Day…well I’m giving you the chance to either look sexy for your lady or feel sexy.


Just remember:

“We’re not in a cave, it’s time to shave”

                                                                                                – All non-pash rash women



While I do truly support Movember, I would just rather pay the future man in my life NOT to grow his beard. Weeknights Movember

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