I’m an Energy Chameleon but is that a good or bad thing?

I’ve come to a conclusion this morning as I sit in a Sydney cafe that I am actually a chameleon. I am a direct product of my environment and I’m still trying to decide if it’s a blessing or a curse. Over my life I’ve become increasingly aware of how much I absorb within my environment. The energy and attitudes of the people who surround me is what I’m most susceptible to. It extends to my home, work and social environments and I’m starting to question if this is a sign of a sensitive and intuitive person or a weak one. This sounds harsh but working through my chameleon realisation, as I sit in a Sydney cafe with a really positive vibe (which has lifted my spirits instantly) I’m thinking why do I need my environment to come dripping in positivity why can’t I carry enough in my emergency packs to keep me going all the time? Why do I feed off negative energy and downward frowning people like a starving dog? I don’t have an answer to it this morning, plus I have a delicious coffee to get back to but it’s something I’ll continue to think about.

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