Get your Carrogance on this weekend

What Is Carrogance?


When my high school bff’s and I were first learning about guys we couldn’t decide what was better – the shy guy or the really arrogant one. We thought there were only 2 options (not completely far from the truth) so we played a game of ‘I wish’ and we wished for the guy that was a combination of both – and we invented the Carrogant Guy. He’s the guy who may seem like he’s arrogant but actually it’s just his confidence shining through. He’s a decision maker. He would feel comfortable choosing a surprise restaurant for dinner, he stands up for you when you need him to even if it’s in front of his mates and he won’t constantly whip out the worst sentences in history, which go something like this…

ME: What should we do this weekend babe?

HIM: Whatever you want


HIM: I’m happy with whatever you choose


HIM: Whatever

All crap answers boys!! Make some decisions, and be a part of the fun. Ditch your arrogance, get some confidence and become the high school fantasy man with CARROGANCE (it’s really sexy!). Still unclear? Just watch the video!
















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