Where did everyone’s buzz go?

Is the whole world running low on energy?

I ask this because I recently completed the Whole30, which I can best explain as a 30-day lifestyle overhaul (no, it’s not a diet). For 30 days you eat what Mother Nature provided (clean eating) which means no dairy, sugar, alcohol, wheat or legumes. You eat veggies, meat, eggs, good fats etc… It’s meant to help reduce some kind of inflammatory which apparently exists in our bodies, change bad eating habits (for me mainly of the sugar variety) and it clears your mind. When I read up about the Whole30 before I got started, it had a few wild claims like “this will change your life, no seriously it really will” to which my response was “yeah…I call bs”. But, no kidding, it did change my life. Once I settled into this new way of eating I felt like my body loved me. I lost a bit of weight (which was mainly Christmas/NY blubb) but more than that I had a new and much better focus. It helped me see things clearly and start taking the necessary steps to creating a better life for myself. I learnt so much about myself, but I also started learning things about others. There was one question everyone asked me when I was on this ‘eating plan’, the same one, no matter who they were, boys, girls, old, young, professional and professional time wasters everyone wanted to know just one thing. Did I have more energy? And you know what, it was the one thing I couldn’t answer. I get up at 4am every day and I am truthfully exhausted all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. So it’s near impossible to know if I had more ‘energy’. Not to mention if you know me you know I’m an Energizer Bunny. I’ve always been full of beans so it made it literally impossible for me to answer the one thing people wanted to know. I felt bad. I wanted to look at them with a sparkle in my eye and say yes I have the solution to all your energy problems but I couldn’t.


Whilst I can’t solve people’s problems I can analyze them, and I found it really bizarre that seriously everyone only wanted to know that one thing. Are we all starved of energy? Where is everyone’s buzz, why haven’t they got it on? All this time I thought we were time poor but it seems like we’re energy poor and how do we fix that? I mean how can you fix that. I think maybe by taking steps in your life to work out what’s sucking that energy is probably the best place to start. And then really focusing on creating more positive energy in your world is next. How to do that, I don’t know. For me I need to be surrounded by amazing, inspiring and positive people, position myself in an energizing environment and clearly now eat the right foods. Oh and I probably need to find a way to get to bed earlier and have longer than 6 hours sleep. Mmmmmm bed.


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