Do we ever stop being kids?


Hello, my name’s Candy, I’m 30, single and living with my mum. Wow I almost want to dare myself to put that status up on a dating site and see what sort of person it appeals to. Shame, I’m being mean to myself, there is some context here. A month ago (after many months of thought) I made the tough decision to leave my breakfast radio career in Shepparton and I moved to Melbourne to really follow my dreams. I’m still forming exactly what this picture looks like but I can tell you all the colours I want to use – TV Presenting is the top of the list, I also want to do something that lets me mc events, do interviews, be on radio, produce, write and create amazing content. I have a really broad range of skills from a variety of industries and I want to throw them all on the canvas and create a masterpiece. The only problem is how?

So, as part of this (slightly jobless) journey I’ve needed to move back home to give myself the space to create my future. I’m not sure how many of you have moved back home as an adult, but I don’t care who you are, the minute you walk back into your family home you are *poof* instantly a child again. Your family fusses and worries and questions you in a way you haven’t had since you were…a kid. And I’ve found myself living up to this, for example the day I moved back home I was sitting on my mum’s bed eating ice cream and it spilt on her bed covers. Oh crap. First thought, don’t stress just get some water and dab it off. When that failed, I just got a book and covered it and pretended it never happened. Then realising I wasn’t 13 and couldn’t be grounded I did the ‘adult’ thing and said “Mummy…. I spilt on your bed, sorry!!” How old am I, really?!

Living back home has made me realise that no matter how old you are, when you are with your parents you will always be a kid.

Having said that, it’s a beautiful feeling to know your family are always there to support you though everything, and on the difficult path I’ve chosen I really am collecting as much support as I can get and storing it in my Care Bear rainbow jar. Yes, I do really have a rainbow jar, because, I am a kid again!



This is my all time favourite video – Dr Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” I relate to every single word in this! I hope you are brainy and footsy and love it too.











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