Are we ever too old to have a crush?


Don’t even try and tell me you don’t love that feeling of having a crush on someone. Getting a little goofy excited whenever you see them, blushing embarrassingly (or is that just me, I have a serious blushing problem) or just having someone consume all of your thoughts in a good way. It’s the best!! When you’re at school it’s the thing to do, what else would you write about when you pass notes in class?  But what about when you grow up, are you allowed to still have crushes at any age? Yes aright, I am asking if it’s ok that I’m sporting a few crushes at 30, but actually I’m wondering more about people a little older, 50…60…what about 88 year olds? Now I might be wrong, but I have a cheeky suspicion my gran has the beginning of a crush. A boy (and by that I mean older gentleman) is annoying her, and she doesn’t like it but she seems to tell me about him every time I visit her.

A very sad reality is that all my granny’s friends are widowed. All of them. Gals it seems like we outlive the boys. So for years we’ve been trying to convince my gran to find a nice gentleman who she can go out for lovely dinners with or to see a play, but she thinks the idea is ludicrous and we get the furrowed brow and a snide comment like “Ok why don’t you just download a picture of my onto the Facebook” (yes there are 2 very cute errors in that sentence). Bless. She’s very tech savvy sending me messages with abbreviations like ‘c u soon’ or ‘catch u l8tr’ and always ends with an xx. She also Skypes with her 90+ year old sisters in South Africa. So given she is so hip you’d think she would be open to the whole dating idea, but no it’s definitely not for her.

So this older man has openly had a crush on her since she moved into her new retirement village always offering to sit with her or help her move things but whenever he’s around she runs in the opposite direction (tell tale crush sign). It’s been a super cute joke between her and I for months, but just this week every time we’ve hung out he has come up in conversation. So, maybe, just maybe, the crush is not one sided any more. Omg so cute I want to pinch both of their cheeks!!


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