Do we make our lives harder than they need to be?


Hi, my name’s Candy and I’m a TV Presenter, Radio Announcer, MC, Digital Content Manager, Writer, Producer and Tutor. Try saying that with your mouth full. I do so many different things that even I’m sometimes confused what it is I do. But the one thing that’s certain is that I’m always busy. Always on the go, on set, in a studio, meeting with someone else, working on a new project, pitching my idea’s, at an event or writing something. I’ve had people my whole life telling me that I need to slow down, to stop burning the candle at both ends otherwise I’ll burn out. And no offence to all these people, and in a completely non-arrogant way, I don’t think I will. This is just who I am. I love being busy and doing loads of things and I have a natural energy that feels endless. But I have to say I was a little taken a back the other day when a friend very casually and non-judgmentally said to me, “you really make your life harder than it needs to be don’t you?” I don’t know, do I? It’s had me thinking ever since. Am I making my life harder or is the path I’ve chosen, just hard?

So I made a list of everything I do. I’m freelancing for ATN doing traffic reporting, I’ve been doing digital content management for Take40/The Hot Hits/ARIA websites, I’ve been covering red carpet events for a variety of sources and I have my own startup website called On The List Melbourne ( which consumes every second of my life atm. I’m also constantly trawling sites trying to find presenting work, meeting up with different people to gain insights into my industries, keeping fit by trying to get to Crossfit everyday, spending time with my fam and friends and trying to get to know as much of the city of Melbourne as possible. Phew.

But I love it, so does it matter that I’m always busy?

Even while I’m trying to write this I am also sending 2 texts, an instant message, replying to emails, having conversations with people in my shared working space at the NAB Village and making the picture collage I attached to the article.

I caught up this week with some other people who are doing similar things to me and apparently this is normal. One actor/writer/singer/radio announcer friend said to me that you’re always searching for ‘what’s next’ and hunting for good opportunities. While it was a relief to hear that it’s ‘normal’ it was also daunting because this life, while it sounds and maybe even looks glamorous is really tough.

So going back to my original question “Am I making my life harder than it needs to be?” I think the answer is maybe yes. I could easily take a full time, steady job doing something that would happily pay the bills and allow me to move back into my own apartment and buy a new dress. Yep, I could do that. But would I still be as happy. Even though I’m stressed about what the heck lies ahead and I really don’t have a proper income because all these ‘glamorous’ jobs pay less than a Maccas employee, I’m happy. And I love what I do. I am following my passions and striving to reach my goals and although they feel far out of my reach at least I’m really trying to get there.

So, I am making my life harder than it needs to be but damn I’m loving the journey.

Now, where’s that Maccas employment form, I need it!

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