I’m a Number Nuffy. Are you?


Hi. Yes I know I’ve been ignoring you. Sorry. I feel like that friend who is awesome when she’s single and then sucks whenever she has a bf. In my case, work = bf. But you should feel very loved because I still have the bf (work) but I’m making the grand return. For realz.

I had a great catch up today with a woman whose opinion I value and she encouraged me to get back in touch. I tried all the excuses in the book until I threw my hands in the air (after gently putting my soy late down first) and said ok fine! Huff and puff. But the reality is I really want to be talking here. I used to talk on radio for 3 hours every day, openly sharing my life and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have lots to say, given I’ve been blabbing since I was 11 months old and while I don’t have an open mic for 3 hours a day anymore I do need an outlet to share what goes on in the crazy world of Candy.

So, I’ve done what anyone who can’t stick to more than one thing at a time does, and set myself a challenge that I refuse to lose. Given I’m a Number Nuffy (yes, invented term) I’ll be doing this challenge for my fav number of days, 44. So, I plan on writing in this exact place every single day for 44 days which takes me exactly to January 1. Fancy that.

Today is really just saying hi and while I’m at it I may as well admit I’m obsessed with the number 4. I set my alarm each day which a 4 in it, I fill up my car to the point where there is at least one 4 (and NO 3’s!!!!) and if I eat a lolly it has to be 4…ok 40! I love 4. And that makes me a Number Nuffy but I’m sure I’m not alone, I bet you favour one number more than another. I won’t judge. I just hope it’s 4.

Speak tomoz Number Nuffys

Candy x

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