Funny Food Thing



Today was one of those days when I needed to be very strategic about what I ate/drank because I had 5 different meetings on throughout the day and little miss busy bee needed to be able to drink/eat something (healthy) at each one. Ok, yes I hear you sniggering, first world problems. I have no defence your honour, I’m just being prissy.

But seriously I started by day with a mentor coffee meeting at 10:30 that was a precursor to another business coffee meeting at 12. I then had lunch with an old colleague who was introducing me to a business prospect before going to a job opportunity coffee meeting at 2:30, all culminating in a PR event and then dinner with a friend. Good thing I’m somehow immune to coffee, it’s never had an affect on me. But, I worked out something I’m not immune to tonight and that’s picking up my friend’s funny food things.

One of my best friends Ace has a problem with ‘slimy meat’ – yep it’s a thing. Generally found at Chinese restaurants and most likely something you’ve eaten without noticing. Normally something I scoff about when she refuses to eat it. Muhahaha more for me. But tonight for the first time ever I turned my nose up at the slimy chicken dish served up to under the dim lights of Melbourne’s China Town. It was horrifyingly slimy, like they had marinated the dish in actual slime!! Why did it have that texture, actually how did they give it that texture, what was in it?! It really wasn’t appealing and the longer it sat there the slimier it got. I’ve always had my own funny things like fresh tomatoes and coriander. Seriously, coriander of the world – STAY AWAY from me and stop sneaking into things unsuspectingly you horrible herb. But now I guess I’m joining my mate with her funny food thing when it comes to eating slimy meats. Ick.

Candy x

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