It was my first time and it really hurt


Day4  #44daywritingchallenge

Last night I did something for the very first time that apparently is a right of passage for all women. I burnt myself on my GHD. And holy hell I’ve never given birth so I can’t really compare but I’m guessing this is a close second.

It all happened because I’m going to lots of events at the moment and I have the type of hair that needs to be done. It’s not short dark straight hair that’s mega easy to manage, it’s long wavy blonde hair that needs love. I’m not the type of girl who knows how to do any of my own beauty maintenance and getting my hair done often is too $$. So I figured it’s time to learn how to do some GHD curls all on my own and who better to teach me than my fav teacher YouTube. I armed myself with about 4 different videos, learnt a bunch of different techniques and was pumped to give it a go. How hard could it be?

I went to the bathroom, turned on my GHD waited for the bleep bleep bleep that alerted me it was ready for styling action. I got the tongs in my hand poised for the first move, went to do a twirl as video number 2 suggested and it happened. I grabbed the tongs in the wrong place and burnt my thumb!! Badly. But I didn’t realise how bad it was at the time. In fact I went downstairs, had a few mouthfuls of peanut butter and it wasn’t until I came back upstairs that I realised how bad the burn actually was. But what to do?! Water, ice or just simply pop it in my mouth and suck my thumb until the pain goes away. None of it was working so I went back to my original teacher The Internet and pleaded with it to tell me ‘how to cure a (stupid) burn from a GHD’?

I stumbled across an article from the oh so knowledgable one Zoe Foster Blake in Mamamia and man it was super accurate. Essentially she said after you have tried all the silly methods (tick) just pop it in water for 20 minutes. I was so sad for myself.

It hurrrrrrt so much but now I have a battle wound that I can share in the field with my other GHD comrades. Sook. I know.

I’m off to lick my wounds

Candy x

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