How my hot date tonight ended with a nasty saying about camels


Day 6 #44DayWritingChallenge

I’m a sucker for going on a hot date. Dinner, a movie a great chat with some tea on the couch after and the best part is that it’s with the hottest, coolest and most entertaining person I know. My G.mama. Madam 88 is the wittiest person I know and whenever we spent time together the hours just fly by. Tonight we had an especially cute date, I went to her ‘hotel’ (read: retirement home) and had dinner with her in the dining room. It’s quite fancy you know. We had our own swanky table and a 3 course meal which was delicious and the best part was the attention it brought my beautiful G. Everyone wanted to know about the youngster who had come a visit. I am apparently the prettiest, most lovely girl they have ever met. Yes please I’ll come back again anytime.

The thing that always strikes me as so entertaining about my G and I is how insanely similar we are even with our 50-something year age difference. One granny at the back of the room waved at me (I didn’t know her, cute!) But when I waved back she then pointed at my gran, haha the wave wasn’t for me. My gran saw her and waved back, they were so excited they hadn’t seen each other in about 4 hours. One of the grannies at the table in front thought my G was waving at her so she broke out in a huge smile and eagerly waved back. We couldn’t stop laughing. Then her old best friend pulled up a chair and joined us in a hilarious conversation which could easily be replicated by my girlfeinds and I. This one wanted to go to this hot new venue for lunch, but that one didn’t like it and of course we always have to please that one so we better change the venue…bla bla. Replace hot little café with bar and bam it could be us. The little tiffs I get in with my friends, they get into as well. Apparently, Betty (or some cute name like that) hadn’t paid them for the Morning Melodies ticket and she always forgets to pay, how annoying, we are never going to buy tickets for her in advance again. Replace Morning Melodies with tickets to Taste of Melbourne and bam it’s us. Age doesn’t mean anything.

But I do need to vent about something. I love oldies. I really do. They are so beautiful and warm and always ready to dish out the compliments but there is one lady there who we have an Afrikaans name for (no clue how to spell it or what it means but it sounds mean) and she is awful. Like a cliché old bag. And we happened to share a lift with her tonight and she has an evil way of getting under my skin and tonight was the worst. She basically said in pretty harsh words. Oh it’s you, I’ve heard about you. I don’t like you South Afircans and then I told her off and said that’s very disrespectful and rude and she said good! She then eyeballed my gran and said to her ‘I like to see you upset’. What a nasty cow. I am super protective of my G who is so lovely to everyone I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. If I were a cartoon character the steam would have come out. Of my very red face. How horrible. Growing up my mamma had a saying when she was mega furious at someone, she’d say “may a million flies off a camels bum come and bite you’. It always made me laugh and while you don’t want to ever wish anyone ill, this is a good thing to wish because it most likely won’t come true. Imagine my shock if it did. It wasn’t enough I was so mad at this woman. But it was also a nice moment because it reminded me just how much I LOVE and adore my G.mama and my protective nature is just because she is so precious to me. So to that old bag “may a million flies off a camel’s bum come bite you”.

Big kiss to all the lovely grannys and grampas of the world.

Candy x

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