Music Review: Heroes (we could be) by Alesso ft. Tove Lo

Day 8 #44DayWritingChallenge


To make up for my lame and slack post yesterday telling you my fav song at the moment, I thought I’d go back to something I used to really enjoy doing…mini music reviews.

Day 7: Lame Post

Firstly (and please don’t take this offensively Alesso) but is anyone else surprised that Alesso is a boy?! I completely thought, simply based on the name, Alesso was female. But it turns out it’s a shorted version of Alessandro. Hello surprise number one.


So, Alesso (the male) is a Swedish DJ and Electro Dance Music Producer. Why is it that all the best things come out of Swede? There are so many amazing artists, the best chocolate and super hunky blonde hair dudes. And no surprise, Tove Lo is also Swedish. Together they have released a song called Heroes (we could be), which did you know is a remake of a David Bowie song? I feel like I’ve missed a lot of memos to do with this song.


Based on the sound of the song and the lyrics I would have guessed the video clip would be uplifting, maybe with cliché angels and butterflies but guess again – it’s actually incredibly dark and morbid. There are angel wings but they are reminiscent of the ones from Black Swan, bloodied and white. Honestly, it’s a little disappointing when you fall in love with a song and you create meaning for it by relating it back to your life but then the video clip doesn’t recreate the ideas in your head Buff download apex legends.


The lyrics which I mentioned I loved last night were, “Everyday people do everyday things but I can’t be one of them…I know you hear me now, we are a different kind, we can do anything!” The reason this resonates so much with me at the moment is that I really do feel like most of the world follows a similar path and I ‘can’t be one of them’ so I’ve chosen my own path. I love that she sings “we can do anything” because I need that as a daily reminder in my mind. I can do this! I can do anything! I can do anything I want to do!


It’s a great reminder of how we all interpret things differently based on our experiences and our current circumstances.


So what’s next for Alesso? Well he plans on releasing his debut album early next year and rumour has it that he has a crush on CharlieXCX and Chris Martin and hopes to colab with them in the future. Cute, I hope they want to play with him too. Remember Alesso, you can do anything!


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