I still do this even at 31. How embarrassing!


Day 9 #44DayWritingChallenge

When I was little, I used to do something every time I had a crush on a guy. I’m fairly positive every other girl did it too but whenever we did it, it would leave us in fits of laughter. The minute you admitted or it was discovered that you had a crush on a boy it would be “You and Boy sitting in a Tree K-I-SS-I-N-G” (I’m laughing because I know you just sang that to yourself). Not only would the kiddy rhyme start, but you would doodle their name all over your page with love hearts and the silliest thing of all was testing out how their surname sounded with your name eg: Candy Smith (if I had a crush on a boy called Dan Smith – which FYI I totally didn’t!)

It turns out more than 15 years later, I still do the last one on that list. In fact I did it as recently as last week. I met a guy, thought he was kinda cool, got a bit excited and on the way home started rehearsing my new name. How lame! Really?! Yes really. It makes me laugh so much now because I am obviously at an age where realistically I could marry said guy (although I won’t because I never heard from him again). It also made me laugh because I was saying it out loud while driving. Too funny.

The funny part is that I actually judge the guy based on how the surname sounds with mine. I’m quite fortunate, I love my surname so it has to be a pretty damn good name for me to want to take it.

Having said that, I am 31 and should probably widen my selection criteria from ‘has good surname’ tick! Although I would still be happy sitting in a tree and K-I-SS-I-N-G. Anyone?

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