Do you have a fake name?


Day 11 #44DayWritingChallenge


When I was little, and I used to play made up games with my best friend Nicky we used to invent names for ourselves. My name was always Sam (short for Samantha) and hers was Vicky. We used those name for years!! In fact I kept using the name when we grew up and went to bars and I didn’t want to tell sleazy guys my real name. I would even use it to order pizza. And then somewhere along the way I lost Sam. I don’t know where she went but it wasn’t until last night sitting with some friends at the Noodle Night Market that the whole discussion of ‘fake names’ came up.

Day 10 – Girls do have to take their partners surname?

It reminded me I also had an ‘RnB’ name too when I lived in Miami. I was ‘Sheniqua’ – how cool am I?! You won’t believe what happened though in the middle of talking about our ‘fake’ names (I swear to you this happened) a guy came running up to me and asked me if my name is Nekita? I was so blown away and incredibly confused that this would happen AS we were talking about fake names. In any normal situation I would have cheekily played along and said of course it was but it was too surreal that I had to respond quite accurately. No. That is not my name. Nor is it Sheniqua or Sam. He looked at me a bit confused and scuttled away like a crab. My friends were convinced that was some kind of pick up line, but I was just blown away by the coincidental timing.


Maybe it’s time for a new fake name? Nah. Or maybe just in case I had a go using a website to generate one for me But it gave me the name Paige. M Hooks and honestly (no offence to Miss Hooks) but I’m not a fan.


So for now, I’ll just stick to Candy.


Chat tomorrow

Candy (Sam/Sheniqua/Nekita/Paige) x




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