Dear December

Day 13 #44DayWritingChallenge

At the start of this year I wanted to make some changes in my life and I searched high and low for ways to help cultivate said change that I would actually stick to. I was willing to try anything once but I know myself and there are certain things that are great in theory but never going to happen in practice. Eg: Meditation. Oh man I have tried every form of meditation and not talking out loud for 5 seconds is tough but manageable, not talking in my mind…seriously is not possible for me. Neither was Pilates, Yoga, writing in a gratitude diary…none of them worked. But then I was given the suggestion to write myself a letter each month, asking for what I want, reflecting on what’s important and maybe chucking in an ol’ thanks for the good stuff that came my way the previous month. And guess what, I’ve (mostly) stuck to it, in fact I look forward to it. Sure, I’m usually a few days late with doing it but I really enjoy writing them, sealing them up and sticking them in a pretty Kiki K box to one day open and wonder what the heck I was talking about.


Almost as fun as writing in the card is picking the card itself. I use this task as a way to exercise my ‘gut feeling’. Yep it’s a menial task for some but I get great joy out of the experience. If I don’t feel it, I don’t get it. I loved this card, I actually bought it months ago but it didn’t feel right (gut talking) to write in it until this month.


So tomorrow (or soon!) I’ll sit down and for the last time in 2014 ask the universe for a little something special. If I keep asking surely one day I’ll get that unicorn.


Wishing everyone a sunny final month of the year, go be amazing!


Love Candy x

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