Does anyone actually believe in Angels?

Day 14 #44DayWritingChallenge


Don’t worry, if you’re anything like me you would have borked at that headline too. Angels. Come on man they only exist in the movies and Halloween. But I must admit I’ve had a small thing happen that has made me think twice.


I went to the Body, Mind and Spirit festival a few weeks back and my mum and I walked into the Angel talk. It’s not really anything we’re normally interested in, so naturally we sat right at the back corner with an escape plan. At the start of the session a woman came around and offered for us to take one angel card each. Remembering back to card tricks when I was little, I was naturally sus. But then one card caught my eye and I went to grab it, but to my surprise a second one came along with it. I apologized and went to return the second one and the woman was quite adamant not to let me give it back. She said that the card wanted me to have it. Ha! Ok… we left shortly after.

But I have to say I was touched by both cards sayings and actually felt very connected to them. I am honoured by the idea that I am a kind person and I am thrilled to pleaseeee have some brighter days ahead (as my Happiness Awaits card promised). To my own surprise I haven’t been able to let the cards go, I carry them with me every day in my bag. Even when I swap bags. How bizarre.


Even more bizarre I feel like they genuinely are bringing me good fortune. Who am I?


Do I believe in angels..? I’m still not sure. But I do like these cards and hope the angel magic stuff keep working its powers on me. Thank you.


Angel Candy x

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