How do I make my maternal side kick in?

Day 15 #44DayWritingChallenge

An old and very special friend of mine and his beautiful wife had their first little bub last week and I nearly burst when after just 2 days they said I could go pay a visit at the hospital. I wasn’t expecting to be allowed a visit so soon so I didn’t have a present yet and was a bit embarrassed turning up empty handed, but they are the type of friends who would never care. And good thing I did turn up ‘empty handed’ because from the minute I arrived a fresh little bundle of yum was placed in my arms. And left there for over an hour. Sounds deliciously exciting but I was so worried I didn’t move an inch the entire time.


You would think at 31 that I have loads of babies in my life but honestly I don’t. I only have one very good friend with a baby and she lives overseas. No baby cousins that I see regularly, no niece, no nephew and definitely not one of my own. So I don’t really have much (any) practice with how to handle such small things yet. I honestly don’t know how to hold one, I feel so stupid and awkward even though I just want to relax and enjoy the tiny tot I am so worried about dropping it or not supporting it that I just become a statue and don’t move.


I would have thought that by now some kind of maternal side would have kicked in. I do want kids some day and I love them now but I don’t seem to know how to act around them. Small children who are old enough to talk and play I’m great with but the tiny ones that just sit there freak me out. It makes me feel quite silly I must admit at


I really hope that some day that maternal instinct will kick in, maybe I need more of my friends to have babies (hint hint guys!)


Baby loves to you all!

Candy x


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