She can Skype and text but you won’t believe what else she can do at 89…!

Day 16 #44DayWriting Challenge

You can read all the Instagram inspiration quotes in the world and I promise there isn’t one out there that will match how inspiring my beautiful 89 year young (she makes me say that instead of 89 year old) G.Mama is. She is amazing! This woman continues to surprise me with the skills she masters for the first time at her age.


Firstly she taught herself to Skype. And that’s not even the impressive part. She Skypes with her 90+ year old (young) sister in South Africa. No kidding. It’s the funniest cutest thing you have ever seen. She also sends texts like a pro, with short hand and xxx in there also. Although she can’t ever find the full stop so it’s just one big sentence but we get it. What a weapon! But today reminded me of a very new skill she has acquired and dare I say mastered. She’s a rockstar on the selfie. She even knows it’s called a selfie and knows how to pose by looking up when I get my camera out – because everyone knows the only way to take a selfie is from above #nodoublechinshere


While she’s impressively talented with technology, she’s equally impressive with her witty mind. We have the best conversations and I literally can spend hours with her talking about anything from the news, to my personal troubles to Kimmy K. She is on the go every single day from about 6am until I swear 11pm every night. She doesn’t rest during the day and is always out and about. She is lovely as ever, everyone loves her and she knows how to charm her way into or out of any situation. She is amazing. I could sing her praise all day. Bless her. She is the most inspiring and entertaining person I know, and she is more than my G.mama she is my absolute best friend and confidant in the world.


Love you my precious princess and I can’t wait for our next selfie.



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