If you laugh at this you’re mean! Or are you?


Day 17 #44DayWritingChallenge

Quick question. Why do we laugh at people when they fall over? Seriously why is it so funny? I know I crack up when someone even does a little stumble, but why? I hope that doesn’t make me mean.


The reason I ask this question today is because this morning, I had a gym injury. It wasn’t from lifting heavy weights, throwing a dodgy kettle bell or doing a funky box jump. I slipped on a mat. Yep and it was so damn funny. I was running around the corner to grab my skipping rope and stood on a workout mat which then slipped under me. I went arse over head and fell pretty hard onto the floor. It was only 7am and everyone was still a bit bleary eyed and came rushing over in a state of panic. No laughter. What?! Why? When you fall over you generally are so confused and a bit in shock that you don’t realise until later that you’re in pain. Me. I was just embarrassed but I then I burst out laughing. Actually I’m still laughing about it, but no one else is. That’s not normal. I wish I could have been a spectator in the Candy fall, surely it was funny. Ok so I wasn’t actually injured at all, and as predicted it wasn’t until about half an hour later I realised I had a floor burn on my shoulder which was more disappointing that painful because I had a spray tan last night and it ruined it.


I don’t know if it’s a sign of age of intelligence but I still crack up when people fall over…and at fart jokes!

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