I feel my bum a few times a day but not for the reason you think.


Day  18 #44DayWritingChallenge

I feel my bum a few times a day but it’s definitely not for the reason you think. Actually I don’t know what you’d be thinking.


I’m a bit sorry for the over share but this bum feeling happens every time I go to the toilet. It was only yesterday I realised it’s become a bit of a habit. I walk into a cubical, turn around and feel my bum, with my pants still in. Why? Not to make sure the 100 squats are doing their job, but because of what happened about 5 years ago at work. My phone plopped out of my back pocket and into the toilet and in an instant I as faced with an incredible predicament…leave it there for all eternity or fish it out. A quick recall of the messages and pics on my phone saw me launch ungloved into the toilet for a successful phone retrieval. But unfortunately my phone didn’t survive the ordeal and wouldn’t switch on. I figured trusty Google should have some ideas and yep the old wives tail of ‘stick it in a bowl of rice’ came up. Alas it didn’t revive my phone. So, embarrassed as all hell I walked into the ever so helpful Apple shop and began my story. Oh it fell in a puddle yesterday, my dog chewed it..I dropped it in my milkshake? Sheepishly he grinned at me and he knew. Then I knew he knew and I wanted to melt into the floor. Turns out they were able to retrieve my data and give me a new phone and I made a mental promise to never ever have that conversation again.


So I guess without realising, since that day I feel my back pockets instinctively every time I go to the loo. Plus, while I’m there I do just check in to make sure those squats ARE working.

Squat you later

Candy x

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