Day 19 #44DayWritingChallenge


I was at a conference all this weekend and one of the amazing presenters Eric taught us about a concept that really helped him in life and it involved just 2 words. STOP IT.


The moment you catch yourself making an excuse… STOP IT.

The moment you find yourself saying, it’s just how you’ve always thought/done things… STOP IT

The moment you complain about how hard life is…STOP IT.


The thinking is that instead of over analyzing and making a whole big hullabaloo about it (is that how you spell it…STOP IT just write it, ok!)…just STOP IT.

Is that being insensitive though? Is that not taking our thoughts and feelings and our past experiences into consideration or is that the whole point. We can make excuses forever about why we haven’t got the things we want in life or we could just STOP IT and get on with getting the things we want.


An example given was for someone who wants to lose weight, instead of complaining and saying you can’t exercise because you don’t have time, you eat badly because you’re in a rush etc… just STOP IT and eat healthy and exercise.


In essence I don’t think it’s so wrong. I already think about this concept quite a bit but in a slightly different way. In life, after all your winging and complaining you will ultimately get to the same conclusion. For instance when you get sad about something, like not getting a job or losing your favourite piece of Jewellery (this is a specialty of mind) you can either spend a few weeks hating on yourself and analyzing why it happened and how sad you feel because of it and eventually get over it…or you an skip the crappy part and just get over it. You will get to the same outcome eventually, it’s just that you can go the painful way or the quick and easy way. Again, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take the time you need to mourn things, it just says think about how much time and energy you are dedicating and decide if it’s worth it. Or you could just STOP IT (the mourning) and get on with it.


I do like the idea, and even though I’m super compassionate and understanding of everyone’s problems I do sometimes think STOP IT and make a change.


But more than anything right at this moment I think I need to STOP typing STOP IT, it’s driving me nuts.


Stop ya later,


Candy x

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