I hate when this happens on a flight!


Day20 #44DayWritingChallenge

Today I caught a flight to Sydney. I had a shoot at midday and to be safe, because shoots can often run over, I made my flight for 5pm. But because my team are rockstars we finished the shoot early and I was at the airport by 2:30pm. Like all smart travelers I had booked a flexi flight and asked at the service desk to be put on an earlier flight. Lucky me, they made it happen.

I’m one of those people who like to board last, I see no reason to stand in line and wait when I could just sit in the lounge and chill until the last minute. So, imagine my surprise when I got on the flight and found out I’d been put in seat 3A score (yes I do hate the number 3 but there are exceptions) but where were my travel buddies? The plane was completely chockers but my entire row 3 was empty. There must be some mistake, surely my new friends-to-be were just running a bit late? A few minutes later, yep some hunky guys came on the plane. Woo hoo! My hotties have arrived. But to my dismay they continued walking straight past me. And then they shut the front door. Oh no, there must be some mistake? While some people might look at the empty seats next to them and applaud, I only ever want one empty seat between me and my new best friend/husband/boss to be not no-one at all in my row. But today it was just little old me and that made me sad. I like talking to people on planes, spending that hour trip to Sydney getting to know their entire life story either to never see them again or spend the rest of our lives as besties with a great ‘cute meet’. But not today. Today I was a lone wolf, on my flight all alone, no friends, no new buddies, just me and my recently purchased bag of mixed nuts.


So I didn’t make any friends today. Shame. But the good news is I fly back Thursday, anyone on a 1pm Jetastar flight? See you there future bestie.

Candy x










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