What sort of escalator traveler are you?


Day 21 #44DayWritingChallenge

Not to get all philosophical on you but do you think that escalators are a good reflection of where we are in life and/or a good reflection of your personality?

I’ll explain.

When you take an escalator do you

A)   Stand calmly on the left hand side, stare ahead and wait for the magical stairs to deliver you effortlessly to your destination

B)   March on up the right hand side on a mission


I am 100% a B person. I almost never ever stand on the left hand side, even if I’m not in any kind of rush. Why? Probably the same reason I mostly wear flat. I just want to get on with it. I have too many places to go, people to see and adventures to go on. I can’t waste precious seconds standing still on an escalator. In fact sometimes I’m so keen I even take the stairs instead (and secretly race the escalator people). But does this mean I am an insanely efficient person or maybe a little impatient…? Either way we’re all going to get to the same destination, and even though it’s certain I will get there first, will I be in the best state of mind when I get there? Will I be a little sweaty and puffed? Will I look effortlessly put together or a little flustered? And what about everyone else?


I’m curious what goes on in the heads of those who stand on the left. Are they just those cool people who don’t fuss about life because they know things always work out? Are they plain lazy? Or do they have a knowing that the journey should be enjoyed calmly so that they are ready when they get to their destination. Seriously guys what’s your big game plan? Why do you wait?


I don’t know if it’s a reflection of who I am, but I am always on the move and love being that way so if you are on the escalator and hanging out on the left, please hold your bag closer to you so I don’t smack into it every day as I race past on my mission. Thanks.


See you on the right,


Candy x



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