Do you ever panic about your hair?


Day 22 #44 DayWritingChallenge

Girls what is it about our hair that makes us to obsessed with it? I know it frames our faces and can make us infinitely hotter and really does make a huge difference to our entire look…oh wait I’ve just answered my own question. I do know why we care so much about our hair but mine frequently annoys me.


I’m honestly not a princess type of gal, I genuinely don’t know how to wear hair and makeup (I just slap on bronzer and mascara every day), I have never owned a designer item of clothing and I don’t even like going shopping in the first place. So, I’m not a cliché ‘girly girl’ but I do have almost daily saga’s with my bloody hair.


I have long blonde wavy hair that has a natural ‘beach hair’ kind of look, mostly because I don’t know how to style it so I just wash and go. It sounds fun in theory but that look is NOT ok when you want to look ‘done’ eg: for a meeting, a shoot or a hot night out. And when you’re unskilled like me (read: my first time) you simply cannot do your own hair. So, I have to pay stupid amounts to get it done way too often and it drives me nuts. But then when it comes to colour, oh my, the princess reveals her pointy crown.


I have always stressed whenever I get my colour done. It’s just so hard to get it right. I had the same hairdresser for about 12 years before I moved interstate and he just did the same thing every time and I was happy. But since then I’ve had many many hairdressers and I struggle to get the colour I want. It’s not really anyone’s fault I think it has more to do with the fact that when you walk out of a salon it’s never the realistic colour…hair needs a week or so to calm the fudge down!! So that makes it hard to know if you are happy with your hair or not straight away, hence you panic.


I have a gorgeous sexy beast who is now colouring my hair and I love going to his salon although I always get in trouble because I’m a head shaker apparently. Today I let him go nuts and do something totally different to what I’m used to. Really light blonde! Gasp!! I’m usually a caramely blonde. So of course when he was done, regardless of the fact it looked truly fabulous, I panicked. It’s new and both my hair and I need to get used to each other again. So, I tied it up and made a deal not to look in the mirror for a week.


I went to crossfit later in the day and everyone came up to me at different times throughout my workout to compliment the colour. Oh em geeee was it that noticeable?! Panic Panic. But honestly one of the male trainers pulled me aside to genuinely compliment how lovely it looked. Well done sexy hairdresser apparently you did good!! Now don’t mind me I’ll just be in the corner until next Friday.


Love you all and your hair!!


Candy x

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