Backup or Back up?

Day 23 #44DayWritingChallenge


What do you do when you’ve set yourself a writing challenge and run out of content for the day? It’s a rarity with me, I always have something to say but today I’m writing a lot earlier in the day than I usually do and I was a bit at a loss as to what to talk about.


An hour ago I was walking down Carlisle Street with 2 of my good friends and moaning to them about how I needed to go home and write a post and I have nothing to say AND I’m out of my backup content. At that moment we passed a rocking dude with dreads under the train station overpass who rapped a bit about me not having a backup…and he was saying (put on your best cool dude voice) ‘why you got you backup, get your baaaackup’. My friend stopped and looked at me and said I never thought about the work backup – it could obviously be about a backup plan but it can also be about not getting your back up about something. And now that I think about it some more there’s also backing up your data etc.. Yes I know it’s obvious but we forget things sometimes, even the obvious things until someone or something changes our perspective.


And that reminded me of something that was brought to my attention last week at the personal development course I did. It was the lesson that “Life is about the meaning we attach to things”. Kind of like the glass half full scenario, everything in life is not about what’s happens to you – it’s about the meaning you attach to that scenario. It can be true for anything in life from losing a job to breaking up with a bf to missing a train. It’s only as much of a big deal as you allow it to be.


It’s so easy to quickly forget these great life nuggets and just get on with your day, so thank you dude under the train station – you rock! (In the rock n roll kinda way, not in the item on the ground kind of way!)


Candy x

Oh and of course there is also always – get back up and keep going! That would have to be one of my favs.



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