How do you pick yourself up when unslumping yourself is not easily done?


Day 25 #44DayWritingChallenge


Ok riddle me this, when you have a challenging day and things start to weigh a little too heavily on your shoulders what do you do? What’s your outlet, or go to or solution to pick yourself back up again?


I turn to Dr Seuss.


Yep. Seriously. The saying and meanings behind the Dr Seuss quotes genuinely help me get through the tough times and I was on a bit of a struggle street today. There’s not really one standout reason why today was a challenge but in the industry I’m in we have high highs and low lows and usually those days balance each other out (actually those highs and lows can often happen in the same day which makes it even more tough). But today, I really struggled. The path I’ve chosen is just so challenging. Mentally, physically, financially and my ego takes a constant beating too. More often than not I can take the difficult days, shake them off Taylor Swift style and just keep swimming. But today I found it hard to shake it as quickly as I usually do. I tried exercise, a beautiful lunch with my mum, cleaning up (it helps!) and as hard as I’ve tried this overwhelming feeling won’t leave me. Logically I know I’ve chosen a hard career path but something in me doesn’t let me give it up. I know it’s what I should be doing. It’s just that the realties that come along with it are tough.


Truthfully, I am also really upset about the hostage siege that is happening in Martin Place today. It’s so insanely upsetting, it’s such a reminder of the fragility of life and how a single event can change so much for so many people and I’m sad for all of them involved. It’s consumed me, along with all of Australia today. I hope and pray for only a good result.


I’m fine, I really am, but this path I’m on is such a challenging one and I want to enjoy it and be proud of myself and things that I achieve but days like this cloud my belief in myself and I really need a huge hit of Dr Seuss to get me though.


So, before I go to bed. This will be on repeat. Enjoy and hugs to all! Love xx


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