What really happens every time I get a wax


Day 26 #44DayWritingChallenge

I have been waxing my whole life, specifically that region, and it never ever EVER stops hurting. It is the most painful 20 mins of my life and I reckon I go to the best place in Melbourne that are quick and really gentle and it still hurts like a mofo.


I’m heading north for a few days this weekend and plan on wearing bathers so I paid a little visit to my waxing studio. Every time they ask me if I want to do my eyebrows first and I panic and demand the other wax first. I can’t wait another second it already took all my courage to just walk through the door – do it now or I’m outta here! So the poor waxing chick wants to chat and find out every detail of my non-existent love life and what do I do…stick in the earplugs and blast the loudest dance music I can find. I do everything in my power to get into another zone and pretend like I’m not being ripped in the most delicate part of my body. Every single rip makes my entire body feel like it’s on fire. Every rip I pray will be closer to the last one but I don’t dare sneak a look.


What’s even worse is that it doesn’t only hurt like all hell, there are parts of it that tickle me too. An even worse form of torture. So for 20 mins I have this poor woman wanting me to put my hands there, pull here, lift that and all the while I’m attempting to block her out with my music so she has to tap me to get my attention which scares the heck out of me too. No love.


But after all my sooky lalaing there is nothing sweeter than the aloe vera they use at the end. It’s the stuff dreams are made of and then of course I get to go on my pretty little pampered way and be merry for a few months before I return for the torure. Why I do it to myself?! I really don’t know the answer to that!


Candy x

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