Do you really know how to high-5?


Day 28 #44DayWritingChallenge


Ok so I know you already know I’m pretty crappy when it comes to normal human greetings (read here if you didn’t know that) but I’ve just learnt this week that I’m in more trouble than I first thought. Apparently I can’t high-5. Say what!? I’m pretty sure I was high-5ing before I was even talking, don’t we basically give the DR a high 5 on the way into the world…so why at 31 is this something I apparently can’t do?


I’m very aware of my awkward greeting stuff but this week I was at Crossfit and one of the newer dudes came around to high-5 me after a mental workout, but I missed. No biggie he came back for another shot and this time I gave like a funny wet fish kinda high-5. That’s not the spirit. Normally I’m the type of girl that likes to prove I can give a ‘man’s’ handshake and I thought high-5’s were an extension of this. Wrong!


The next day, puffed after another cracker workout he once again came by ready for the high-5 and being in a state of exhaustion I didn’t give it much thought and when he went in for the hit, I totally missed and our hands just clipped on the side. At this point I think he’d had enough and barked at me that I’m a terrible high-5er. I stopped and thought about this for a moment and realised he isn’t so wrong, there are a few people who have started fist bumping me and now I know why. How embarrassing. It’s a pretty basic movement.


When I was working in radio a few years back we had a guy in the studio that was a happiness expert and he said the simple high-5 increased your happiness by mega proportions. But he also said you need to learn how to do it properly. And what we learnt, get in close kids, is that to do it correctly you need to eyeball the other persons…elbow! Yep elbow!


I always thought that was a dorky way to go about things but maybe, I need to lift my game and eyeball this dudes elbow when I’m in there tomorrow. Watch out, epic high-5 on the way buddy!


Candy x

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