Is it ok to break your own rules?



#Day29 #44DayWritingChallenge


So I started this challenge not really thinking it was going to be just that…challenging, but writing something every day and then chucking it up online and then doing social media posts for it takes a lot more time and energy than anticipated. So, I took a small hiatus from the challenge for the past week but for good reason. Family.


With the type of work I do I really struggle to turn off, at all, actually let’s be honest – I don’t like to switch off. I enjoy the go-go-go lifestyle I lead, but this time it was different. Months ago my beautiful mumma had organised to take my Gran and I away to QLD for 5 days to celebrate my G’s 90th. I schlepped my laptop up there with me with the intention of still writing every day but on the way there I had an epiphany (which I clearly don’t have often because I had no idea how to spell it!) I wanted to really, really turn off for the 5 days I was there and enjoy every breathing special moment with the women in my life who mean so much to me. And, I did. I left my phone in the room every day and didn’t use my comp much (I still had a little bit of producing I had to do for some Cricket Aus videos I’m making but it was minimal) and I’m really proud of myself. In fact I was the real winner in this situation because I really did ‘turn off’. And what a pleasure. Not only that, I read a book that quite literally changed my entire business focus! Lisa Messenger is a flipping legend and her book, together with my no technology and my clear head helped me, pretty quickly, have the space and time to make some big decisions. And it wasn’t a strain. You know when you have to make a decision and you often don’t have the clarity to properly evaluate your thoughts and come to a good conclusion…? Well ‘time out’ gave me this clarity almost instantly. It was a huge reminder to me how important time out (real time out) is in business and in life.


I adored every single second with my girls and wasn’t distracted for one moment. How lucky.


So oopsy, I broke my challenge but just like breaking a diet to have an insanely delicious salted caramel doughnut…worth it!


Happy Boxing day ya’ll


Love ya, Candy x

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