Anyone else keep losing stuff?


#Day31 #44DayWritingChallenge


Why are some of us a little less lucky with our possessions than others? Is it that we don’t care about our belongings or are our brains too full of millions of other things to remember the less important ones?


I lose stuff all the time. It’s become a little habit of mine to lose every single piece of special Jewellery I own, including my incredibly precious Marc Jacobs 30th watch that all my besties gave me. I lose stuff everywhere I go. And by lose stuff I also mean forget stuff everywhere. There almost isn’t a day at the gym when I don’t leave behind either my jumper, water bottle or wrist guards. Is it because I really just don’t care about my material possessions or is there something wrong with me?


As I’m writing this I have just come down from a ‘I’ve lost my phone’ panic. My poor camerman, standing in the airport line had to endure this minor panic. He was calling my phone as I was furiously unpacking my bag and my laptop case… until, oh yeah, I left it to charge on the wall where I was sitting. Doh! Why do I do this to myself. All the time. It used to be locked keys in the car. I used to just switch off my car, pull the handbrake up, lock the door (before fancy automatic locking) and shut it. With the keys inside. Oh how often I did that.


My beautiful friend Heather has just gone through the same panic, and actually does it even more regularly than I do. She left her handbag on the side of the road. Keys, sunnies, wallet and all. Luckily someone handed it into the police but this isn’t a foreign experience to her either. It makes me think about the commonalities between us, we both have start-up businesses, hectic schedules and big dreams – maybe our brains don’t have the capacity to remember these minor (kind of important) things in our lives.


Either way I would really like to hope that this year I (and Heather) have more luck with our items and they decide to stop abandoning us.


Candy x



PS: Yep slipped off he bandwagon, missed a few days of the challenge. Bite me.




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