Diary of a Dream Job – Eau De Stress



Isn’t it amazing how people can say the most simple sentence to you, which in normal life shouldn’t prompt any reaction but if it hits one of your current triggers, oh hello fireworks! I’m currently sitting on the train and not feeling overly stressed (by my stress barometer) and a moment ago a lovely older man in a suit leaned over and very quietly smiled at me and said it’s ok now, it’s after 7pm. I looked down at my laptop I was frantically typing on and looked up at him confused. I smiled and replied that time doesn’t mean anything to me I’m always working, to which he replied, you just…looked so stressed. He wasn’t saying it in a mean way at all, just an observation really, but it forced me to have a moment of reflection. Only yesterday did my Osteo say I resembled a human pincushion. What do I look like to the outside world? I didn’t even feel stressed when he said that to me.

We’re always told to be careful of the energy we put out, as it apparently has a direct correlation to the energy we receive back.

I pray that I’m not permanently emitting Eau De Stress…! It’s making me realise that being stressed, even mildly, is becoming a normal state for me. I don’t even know when I’m feeling it anymore. I know that isn’t good and of course I don’t want to be like that.

So, I will use this (and a few other recent incidents) as reminders to keep myself and my stress in check! And to see if I can employ some de-stressing tactics to bring a bit more ying to my yang. On that note, I’m going to leap into bed right now and get ready to watch Under The Dome (yes it’s a stupid show).

FYI – after typing all of this, my mate on the train just pulled his earplugs out, leant back over, and quite amusingly advised me never to play poker. Pft, I played in a super impressive tournament a few months back and nearly won, so maybe I’m not completely doomed.

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