Diary of a Dream Job – Escape Artist

Escape Artist – Entry 3

Sometimes, you just need to make a great escape without telling anyone…otherwise known as a disappearing act. I have just achieved such feat. I’m currently in the Gold Coast, shock horror to everyone, given I told no one. And no, I am not on holidays (does that word even exist in my vocabulary anymore…?), I’ve just relocated myself to get some work done.

I needed to get some sleep (tick), not go to any fabulous events/launches etc… (tick) and knuckle down and do some strategy and planning for On The List and a little thing called My Life (kind-a tick…)

I have been in Broady (yes I’m a local now) for only 4 days and I had no idea a person could sleep this much, I am getting about 10 hours a day. 10! Can a human lie inactive for that long? Apparently so. I big part of that inactive time has included taking up some reading again, hoorah, oh how much I love my books. Gone Girl is my bedroom buddy and I’m loving it! Let me just pop it on the record though, I’m over cooked, very well rested and a bit done with the whole sleeping thing to be honest.

I’ve also been doing my ‘normal’ workload so I haven’t had the time I really wanted to do the bigger picture stuff. Some of it yes, but majority not yet.

I do have a new title though to add to the list….wifi bounty hunter. I have been constantly roaming around looking for wifi spots but I only seem to have found one good one. The rest only grant you 30-60 minutes, which is nowhere near enough to justify the $5 coffee. So, in less than 2 days I’ve blown half of my 10g limit. Yes, watching porn. No, I just do a lot of research that involves a lot of internet time. The irony is, the work I really need to do is offline, so this should be a sign from the wifi-gods that I should stop hunting that wifi. Nice theory.

I think this week has been a great reminder of the need to be organized, sleep more and really make space for that high-level, creative thinking your business needs. So, off the internet I go…I will not be sneaking any Facebook time tonight so don’t even bother writing anything in response to this post (she says with her fingers and toes crossed like pretzels behind her back). Also, sometimes when we really need to make a change, don’t just stand there – BUST A MOVE!

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