Diary of a Dream Job – Busting the myth on FREE SHIT (with a bonus video)

Diary of a Dream Job – Sometimes working in my line of work we get some free shit. Yes I said it, we do get some free shit. People think I get everything free and I am constantly accused of selling my soul to get ‘free shit’ so let me tell you how the ‘free shit’ story goes.


I get invited to a fabulous amount of events each week. Everything from launches, first birthdays, new ranges etc… and almost always at these things there is a little take away of sorts. Sometimes it’s just a little sample and sometimes it’s a full blown generous and very cool gift, it really depends on the event. I’m also sent some stuff in the mail when for example there’s a new wine range that’s launched. It is such a super exciting part of my job but it does come with a catch. It’s completely unspoken but here’s what it is. You have to do a very visual thank you. A fabulous big social media pic with the right handles and tags and information. It’s really important to get this right because in my mind this is the currency exchange. Never in life do you just get something for nothing (unless we’re having a holistic blah bah conversation about giving…) The exchange with ‘free shit’ is a fabulous social media post. Now while that sounds easy, and yes in theory it is, it means a few things. Firstly instead of just enjoying the moment, you’re head down picture taking with a mate proving light from their iPhone and spending time crafting the funniest, most engaging and award wining 140 characters of your life. And there is no way you can relax until this is nailed. This isn’t fun. It’s totally normal when the blogger world attend an event, but if the normal public come along they think you are so rude and disengaged. We’re not…we’re just working (hard for the money…).


It is a small price to pay to be able to enjoy amazing things.


And sometimes, when it’s something really cool – like being leant a RENAULT CAPTUR for 2 weeks, you make the decision to do something a little more special, and you so this…

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