Diary of a Dream Job – The biggest challenge in business might be where to sit your bum.

Diary of a Dream Job – A few months ago I realized working from home wasn’t working for me anymore (I was too close to the fridge). So, I decided I wanted a space to work out of to help me focus and in theory give me some normal working hours (ha, I’m laughing too). So, I turned to my knowledgeable Facebook community and asked where a gal can park her butt while she get’ some work done. The options that came through were the ones I already knew about and wasn’t really interested in…the hot desk share options, which are in the range of $35-$50 per day (per person in your team) and you don’t get a permanent space and you share with lots of other people. This option is great if you work in an environment with likeminded people (it might even give you kick-arse leads) but it’s not fab if you want to nest a little.

So I hunted for some time until the ultimate opportunity came up to work in the same space as the wonderful Fiona from Hidden Secret Tours. I’d have a huge corner space, with a window view of the MCG, I can come and go as I please, I’m in the heart of the city and I can have a few of us working here together. Loved it. I moved in. It’s my first little On The List home – and while I really didn’t want to make a fuss, I did have a pang of pride.

But, what I didn’t have was a chair. A good one. For me, or my little team. But given I’m in the city that should have be easy to solve right? Wrong! Kmart, Target, Big W, Reject shop…and yes of course I know you’re screaming at the screen OFFICEWORKS, no one of them had chairs. No one had chairs in the city! Ok I lie, the little cheapo shop next to my building quizzed me if I wanted the type of chair you sit on…I didn’t know there was another type until she excitedly took me to a potty. Not the type of chair I can write award winning proposals on, no, not that type of chair.

So, I had to be resourceful and buy a chair outside of the city, pay for parking, drag my big chair box up the street, into a tiny lift and finally to my room with a view. I unpacked my chair. I proudly put it together until it came to the part where you attach the lever – the thing to make the chair go up and down was missing from the box. Why was the world conspiring against me having someone to sit my caboose?! I had to ring the store, go back, pick it up, come back, continue assembly and then finally my tush had a seat in my new office.

Just when you think the challenges of running a small business can’t get any harder, the old chair challenge comes into play. It’s amazing the things you take for granted working in a company. How hard did someone within your organization have to work to get you a nice comfy chair (with a lever and all)? Bet you never thought about that. It’s funny the things you never anticipate having to think about. Small business owner – and now interior decorator.

Guess what, the chair wasn’t the only challenge, I then struggled to find a toastie, a postage stamp and a post box. All adventures for another day!

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