Diary of a Dream Job – What’s does your title mean?

We’re so particular with the name we introduce ourselves with, first name on it’s own (familiar but not too close yet buddy), first and last (I’m serious) or just nickname (super casual let’s be mates) and I think we know which one to use when. But what about when it comes to job titles? The average person has no trouble with this as they only have one, I’m an Accounts Manager, I’m a Real Estate Agent, I’m a Teacher…simple and clear. But in my world that simplicity doesn’t exist and I constantly get stuck with what to call myself.

If it’s written (eg: email/cv) it usually looks something like this

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.05.56 pm

And FYI, that’s not even all of the ‘title’s’ of ‘jobs’ I do. It’s just a summary. But when it’s in person I really do get stuck. Do we give the title we want people to know us as, what we are actually doing or what we are aspiring to do? For instance, my dream title is Presenter. But given it isn’t what I do 100% of the time can I simply say, I’m a Presenter? Does that undersell me and is it possibly false advertising? I have friends who are actors and want to be known as actors but they aren’t currently acting in anything so when they meet someone and say they’re an actor and are asked what they are doing now…and they have nothing to say…does that make them any less worthy of the actor title? How many years can you go without acting and still be an actor? Forever? It sounds too similar to “if a tree falls…” blah blah nonsense. But the alternate is to spit out the entire long list of jobs you currently do which loses people and you sound wishy washy. Too hard basket.

And then with my business, I’m constantly grappling with what I should call myself…I really don’t like CEO and I’m not a fan of DIRECTOR – especially because I work in video production and people might mistake me for being a film director, which subsequently is one of the hats I wear but not the chief hat. For some time I called myself Head Adventurer, in fact I think it’s still on my business cards, but then I changed to this…

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.06.39 pm

But if I was giving the full description it would be Presenter, Producer, Business Development Manager, Creative Director, Marketing Manager, Communications Specialist, Digital Content Manager, Community Manager, Brand Manager, HR Manager etc…. Ridiculous right!? Which is why I might just go back to Head Adventurer.

What’s your title? I’d love to know.

All my love

<insert preferred title here>

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