Return to Radio

I am so thrilled that after a few years away from the mic, I’m back in radio and this time at the #1 station I grew up to, the #1 station I dreamed of working at and officially the #1 station in Melbourne town. Fox FM baby!

I’m working on weekends pulling what’s known as a ‘music shift’ which means it’s all about keeping the music flowing and people listening. The shifts are across Sat and Sun, at all different times and involve a combination of shifts where I’m talking and shifts where I’m panelling (pressing the buttons) a show.

In the past I’ve mostly worked on ‘shows’ which in theory is all about the presenters and the community they are talking to – it’s all about moiiii. But, with a music shift, it’s not really about you at all, it’s about the music! Also at FOX we use a program which is very manual, meaning I need to press the buttons to make everything happen. And the answer is no. I already know the question, and no I don’t. The number one question I’m asked if get to pick the music. This is a whole team’s full-time job. It’s a science and is chosen very strategically. So as much as I would like to play Despacito on repeat, it doesn’t work like that. Lucky for me, I love the music we play on FOX so I’m happy with whatever is scheduled to play. And no, I’m not paid to say that.

I am 3 shifts in and still finding my feet but I couldn’t be happier being back in the radio chair and can’t wait to see what else this chapter brings.